The Most Innovative Industrial Laundry in the World (CINET)

PROTEX360 - protection against SARS-CoV2


Expansion - new equipment and process

Plush toys for children from the Children's Memorial Health Centre


Exemplary result of an external audit by Bureau on behalf of Accor Hotels


30 years anniversary

visit of laundries from Central and Eastern Europe to PRAWOL (during the CEE-TEX Summit)


We rank 7th place amongs the best laundries in the world and 1st place in Poland according to CINET


We introduced RFID system and received a Reliable Company certificate

We increase our outuput to 800 tonnes per month, increase the staff and our fleet

We introduce linen and clothes rental service


We became a member of the Chamber of Commerce of Polish Hotels


We expand our machinery with new Jensen GmbH products, enhancing our production capacity by 700 tonnes per month.


We increase our outuput to 400 tonnes per month.


We introduce a brand new full assembly line produced by Jensen GmbH.

It consists of a tunnel washer with three dryers with processing capacity of 1200 kg/h, a conveyor ironer capable of proceessing 1000 items per hour, a towel folder.

Production capacity: 350 tonnes per month.


We begin to expand the existing plant at 34 Marywilska, annexing the additional 1000 square metres of production area.


Capacity of 250 tonnes per month.


We open a new hospital laundry on the premises of The Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases Institute in Warsaw.

Among this type of laundries, it is the most innovative one in Warsaw and one of the four which fulfill the new, very strict, sanitary regulations.


We begin to cooperate with Marriott Hotel.

Receive recommendations from the biggest hotel network operator in Poland – ACCOR (ORBIS, IBIS, NOVOTEL, MERCURE). Recommdations have been upheld until now.

We are the first industrial laundry service in Poland to introduce quality management system ISO 9001:2001.


We begin comprehensive laundry services for Warsaw Intercontinental Hotel.

A new technology in Jugoslowianska laundry service is introduced.

We increase our production capacity by 100% without hiring new workers.


We open another laundry service for hotels nad restaurants at Jugoslowianska Street.

We hire 50 people.


We gain an important client in hospitality industry: Jan III Sobieski Hotel.

Production capacity: 30 tonnes per month.

We begin to cooperate with ECOLAB. As one of the first companies, we introduce automatic, computer-controlled detergent dosing stations.


We open another modern laundry service for hospitals.

We hire 30 people.


We open a new innovative ecological dry-cleaner’s. We offer public laundry services.

20 laundry outlets in Warsaw.


Privatisation and diversification. A new business name Prawol and logo are created. We purchase new machines.

We hire 10 people.

Our processing capacity is 9 tonnes per month.


We set up a business as part of Zakłady Pralnicze ALBA.

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