CINET (Comité International De L`Entretien du Textile) was founded 35 years ago and grew to become a global umbrella association with 100+ members (national associations, international suppliers, research institutes and individual companies). CINET aims to build a global network of experts, stimulate the implementation of innovation by exchanging information and profile the capabilities of the industry (a.o. with Global Awards).

For many years PRAWOL is certified and awardet by CINET for innovation and high quality standards.


 PROTEX360 by ECOLAB offers comprehensive protection of the plant, employees and textiles against SARS-CoV2.

ISO 9001:2015

PRAWOL has established and maintains a quality management system according to the above mentioned standard. Proof of conformity is documented in the certification audit report no. Z-A649921/A11/9001.

Scope of certification:

Provision of water and dry cleaning services for hotels, restaurants, public utilities and the public. Provision of water washing services for hospitals and health care facilities.


ISO 9001:2009


ISO Quality Management System conforming to PN-EN ISO 9001:2009 standard has been approved by ZETOM-CERT. The certificate guarantees the fulfillment of the required standards for wet cleaning and dry cleaning services provided to hotels, restaurants, hospitals, healthcare institutions, public utilities and individuals in our everyday operations.

The first certificate registered as 163/2/SZJ/2004 was issued on 13 December 2004. Every year we successfully undergo an audit confirming the validity of the certificate.

ISO 14065:2005

In April 2017 we introduced Risk Analysis Biocontamination Control system according to the ISO PN-EN 14065:2005 RABC standard.


Ecolab-18-lecieEcolab-gwarancja-jakosciECOLAB. We have cooperated with ECOLAB for the provision of technology and supply of the high quality detergents and disinfectants. ECOLAB, the world leader in chemical industry, does not only provide us with cleaning solutions but has cooperated with us in organizing training courses on our company’s premises.


Chamber of Commerce of Polish Hotels – certificate of membership (since 2012)


Reliable Company


Reliable Company Certificate

Patent Office

The company’s brand name and logo are trademarks registered by The Patent Office of the Republic of Poland.

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